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Correct Rowing Technique

OCTOBER 21,2022


A complete set of rowing movements consists of two processes and four stages:

1.Catch -> Drive -> Finish

A grip:

(1) Straighten your arms, keep your head in a neutral position, and do not hunch your back;

(2) The upper body starts to lean forward from the hips, and the lower back is kept naturally straight;

(3) The calf is as perpendicular to the ground as possible;

(4) If necessary, lift the heel moderately.

B pull paddle:

(1) Use the legs, step on the pedal, then swing the body backward, and pull the handle to the upper abdomen position to squeeze the shoulder blades backward;

(2) The trajectory of the hand is almost a straight line;

(3) The shoulders are relaxed.

C outlet:

(1) The upper body leans back slightly;

(2) The legs are straight and the handle is under the ribs;

(3) The wrist is straight.

2. Finish -> Drive -> Catch

D Back to the paddle: Straighten your arms → lean your upper body forward → bend your knees.

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