How good is the rowing machine to lose weight?

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How good is the rowing machine to lose weight?

April 29,2022


For all the training equipment, as long as you use it the right way and stick to it, the exercise effect is not bad. The key to exercise lies in professionalism and persistence. Rowing machines, on both levels, outperform other fitness equipment.

Professional, and most importantly, sports safety. This means we can exercise without worry.

Persistence largely depends on effectiveness and efficiency. The better the effect, the faster the effect, and the easier it is for people to stick to it.

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1. Sports safety:

Among all sports equipment, the rowing machine has the lowest risk - because the feet are fixed, there is no harm to the knee joint; because the exerciser is the core, there is no need to worry about being injured by the machine.

And it is precise because rowing is an exercise method that most people have not been exposed to, and everyone has to learn from scratch, so there is almost no exercise risk caused by incorrect exercise habits (such as running, jumping, or even cycling) in the past.

When we develop the intelligent system, we also provide you with a variety of teaching channels:

(1) In the lower right corner of the home page, Zhang Yangyang, the spokesperson of Mobi and the first rowing Olympic champion in China, personally taught;

(2) In the center of the home page, the model demonstration course continues to standardize the actions of novices;

It is believed that with the characteristics of the rowing machine itself, coupled with the intelligent creation of Mobi, the problem of exercise risks can be solved to the greatest extent.

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2. Efficiency:

That is, the rate of weight loss. This largely depends on the degree of muscle engagement during exercise. Because skeletal muscle is the fastest calorie-consuming tissue in the body, and the more muscles are involved in exercise, the more efficient it is to burn fat.

During rowing, more than 80% of the muscles in the body can be effectively used. That means calorie-burning efficiency—in fact, rowing is about four times more fat-burning than running.

At the same time, the rowing machine can effectively use the muscles of the legs, buttocks, waist and abdomen, back and arms. The rowing machine is also the only sports equipment that has strong stimulation to the upper body muscles.

This has two important meanings: one is to avoid the overuse of the legs to the greatest extent and avoid the problem of strain injury.

Second, it can effectively alleviate problems such as chest hunchback and lumbar muscle strain.

Also importantly, how durable the exercise is. Let me ask, if you buy a piece of fitness equipment to go home, and put it in your home for less than 2 weeks, it will not only occupy the area of the house, but also waste the money to buy it, is it too extravagant?

Therefore, when Mobi designed the rowing machine, we specially created it intelligently to effectively solve the problem of being unable to persist and feeling boring:

(1) Online PK - You can choose netizens or your own friends to conduct online battle, so that the desire to win can replace the pain of insisting on exercising;

(2) Adventure game - a 2D game screen that conforms to the habits of the post-70s to the post-90s, with the rules of passing the level, so that every paddle has new expectations;

(3) Real scene mode - the immersive picture, matched with the sound of rushing water from the water tank, has a strong sense of substitution.

(4)Gold coin system + gold coin mall—— mileage = gold coins, gold coins = free exchange of goods. Use the joy of "shopping" to solve the problem of slow results in the short term, provide a sense of achievement in sports, and make it easier to stick to sports.

(5)The above is our consideration at the time and the subsequent design. And market feedback did not let us down. More and more consumers understand, buy and fall in love with Mobi rowing machines. In this, although there are factors that rowing machines are well-designed, good-looking, easy to use and match, I believe that the more important thing is that the Mobi rowing machine has an excellent exercise effect, and the "easy to use" and "durable" core brought by it allows consumers to "love it".

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